The Chalet

Precariously positioned at the edge of a sheer granite cliff, overlooking the harbour of this historic and famous traditional Cornish fishing village of Port Issac.

What this compact and modest home lacks in size, more than makes up with the stunning elevated location that leaves you feeling you are gliding above this iconic harbour. Situated in the conservation area and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), the site has many constraints that led a very thoughtful design and planning approach to the development process.

The traditional design respects and enhances the conservation with traditional and contemporary materials. Externally wrapped in traditional slate hanging and local stone to protect the home from the Atlantic Storms.

Internal, the design is simple that allows the the focus on the raw unbounded sea that stretches out to infinity. Works commenced in 2022 with cliff stabilisation and the main works due to recommence in 2023.

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