George Street

We obtained planning permission for the demolition of the existing buildings that are light industrial and for the creation of six residential units within the Truro Conservation Area.

Following a detailed heritage impact assessment for this sensitive site within the Conservation Area, and close to a number of listed buildings, the planning application successfully argued that the demolition of the existing commercial buildings and their replacement with the chosen design for residential units was justified. The Councils previous preference had been to try to retain and convert the existing buildings. The site was also constrained in respect of drainage and flood risk, and in respect of amenity issues, given the mix of commercial and residential uses in the immediate vicinity.

In respect of design, the footprint of the building increases at the eastern end, stepping out into the lane. The height also increases to two storeys comprising six flats, each one bedroomed. All units will be accessed straight from the lane via front doors, replicating terraced housing in the area. Each flat will have a single bedroom, separate bathroom, and open plan living.

The form references the industrial nature of the original site. This heritage is also carried forward with materials, proposing zinc roofing and timber cladding at first floor level on the rear, over render. A more varied palette to the frontage is used to break up the massing, with the four forward facing gables being finished in brick and timber alternatively.



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