The client was keen to create a contemporary, sustainable yet inconspicuous dwelling capable of providing practical living accommodation with wheelchair bound mobility restrictions.

The desire to create a carbon neutral home of architectural merit sympathetic to the location and setting was a key part of the client’s brief. The dwelling will be the couple’s permanent home with lower ground floor accommodation to enable family visits or live-in care if necessary.

Together, we have carefully designed a building which responds to the topography of the site and to enhance the beautiful setting. The undulating curve of the proposed dwelling follows the natural contours of the landscape and together with the low roofline and natural materials, the dwelling blends successfully, almost disappearing into the site when viewed from the harbour.

There will be minimal impact on views from surrounding buildings and within the AONB. The dwelling will be shrouded in heavy mixed evergreen vegetation and screened by large established trees rendering it near invisible in the landscape year-round.

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