Cornwall Council 'Call For Sites' 2024

As part of its mandate to ensure a sufficient and up-to-date supply of sites suitable for housing, employment, and other developments, Cornwall Council conducts a vital consultation known as a ‘call for sites exercise.’ This consultation offers stakeholders, including individuals, landowners, and developers, an early opportunity to propose potential development sites or locations to the council. Submissions undergo thorough consideration for inclusion in the council’s database of potential development sites, which informs the local planning process.

Eligible sites must meet specific criteria, including a minimum area of 0.25 hectares or capacity for 5+ dwellings or 500+ sqm of employment floorspace. They must be located within or adjacent to existing settlements or in sustainable locations, excluding designated conservation areas or flood zones. Cornwall Council encourages the reuse of vacant land, strategic conversions, and extensions to existing buildings to maximize development potential.

A diverse range of sites catering to various land uses, including housing, employment, commercial, community, tourism, public green space, energy generation, and environmental mitigation, are sought after. Submissions can be made via the Cornwall Council website, even if the applicant does not own the site, although landowner awareness is recommended.

Upon submission, sites undergo an initial test to assess basic suitability, followed by a detailed assessment to determine potential suitability. A panel comprising representatives from the council, development industry, communities, and councillors’ aids in this process.

It’s essential to note that submissions are suggestions and not allocations, and support in planning applications is not guaranteed. Cornwall Council will assess future development needs through the Local Plan, with formal consultations likely to commence in 2025.


Closing Date for applications end on Monday 22nd April 2024.


For further guidance on submitting a site or navigating the ‘Call for Sites’ process, contact Laurence Associates today.


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