Why Do I Need a Professional Consultant’s Certificate?

Formerly known as an Architect’s Certificate, a Professional Consultant’s Certificate – or PCC – is described by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) as an affordable alternative to a structural warranty (e.g. an NHBC build mark).

It’s a single-page document signed by a professional construction consultant (such as an architect), confirming that he/she has visited the site at different stages of the build and that the property has been generally constructed to a satisfactory standard. Read more here.

How much does a PCC cost?

Costing around £2,500, PCCs are cheaper than warranties and last six years from completion.

Why do I need one?

Banks etc, will generally only lend on a newly-built property where a warranty scheme covers it. The most well-known is probably an NHBC warranty, but these are relatively expensive and not generally used by smaller building companies and self-builders who favour PCCs. Laurence Associates’ Design Director, Jason Pledger, explains: “You’ll need a Professional Consultant’s Certificate if you’ve built a property you wish to sell and the buyer needs a mortgage, or if you wish to rent it out and need to raise a buy-to-let mortgage to release equity.

“If you rely on stage payments during the build, you’ll need interim certificates.”

By signing the certificate, the consultant confirms that he’s designed and/or monitored the construction of the property and will remain liable to the owner and any lenders for six years from completion. The consultant could be liable if something goes wrong, which was evident at the inspection but not picked up. For this reason, architects rarely issue retrospective PCCs on buildings with which they haven’t been involved.

What does the professional consultant certificate cover?

A Professional Consultant’s Certificate (PCC) is a formal certificate that verifies the satisfactory completion of a construction project. It is reviewed and signed by a qualified architect or surveyor and confirms that the construction work adheres to all relevant planning permissions, building regulations, and other related contracts.

Who can issue a PCC?

A Professional Consultant’s Certificate can only be issued by a consultant (e.g. an architect) with the appropriate qualifications listed in the CML handbook.

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