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Local Planning Authorities now require a comprehensive energy statement as an integral component of proposed developments’ planning applications. The Energy Statements encompass both domestic and commercial projects, aiming not only to reduce CO2 emissions and compliance with various sustainability benchmarks as prescribed by Local Planning Authorities.

In addition to CO2 reduction, Local Planning Authorities may stipulate that a designated portion of on-site energy must originate from renewable resources. These requirements often extend to boarder sustainability objectives, such as attaining specific BREEAM Ratings or minimising water consumption.

Local Planning Authority regulations typically outline the targeted CO2 reduction necessary for compliance, often measured against Part L Building Regulations. These reductions could range from 10% to as high as 35%, contingent upon the specific requirements of the authority overseeing the development.

Given the vast requirements among Local Authorities, a thorough exploration of energy and sustainability requirements to the proposed development’s location is imperative. Our accredited team at Laurence Associates specialises in creating Energy Statements precisely aligned with your development’s location.

Cornwall Council Energy Statement Policy

In compliance with Cornwall Council’s Energy Statement Policy, all new developments within Cornwall are subject to specific energy guidelines effective from June 15, 2023.

For newly constructed homes, adherence to low energy consumption standards, supplemented by renewable energy sources, particularly Solar Photovoltaics (solar PV), is mandatory.

Major non-residential developments must aim for a BREEAM Excellent rating (or an approved equivalent) to meet Cornwall Council’s requirements.

Residential projects necessitate the submission of an Energy Report and Energy Summary Tool, encompassing a detailed SAP assessment for the proposed dwellings.

Non-residential developments exceeding 1,000m² require an Energy Report with an accompanying estimate for BREEAM certification (or an approved alternative) as part of the application process.

Laurence Associates specialises in delivering comprehensive Energy Statements essential for successful planning applications across diverse development projects, encompassing residential, commercial, and mixed-use domains.

Our team will follow your local planning regulations, engaging with planning officers to ascertain precise Energy Statement tailored to your development.

Conducting detailed SAP calculations and reports, we meticulously assess energy consumption and carbon emissions. Employing the energy hierarchy, we evaluate and demonstrate the attained reductions in emissions.

Leveraging our accredited experts, we conduct Dynamic Thermal Modelling (DTM) to simulate and showcase effective measures mitigating overheating risks within your development. Additionally, our team conducts water efficiency calculations to gauge and optimise water usage.

Contact us today to explore tailored solutions for your building’s location Energy Statements.

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