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Housing Development


Laurence Associates was instructed to prepare a housing scheme on a site on the edge of the village of Goldsithney in West Cornwall.  The land forms part of a large agricultural field fronting onto the main road running through the village and forms part of the enterance of the village from the east.

Pre- application meetings were held with the Parish Council at every stage of the design process to ensure that the development would accord with the wishes of the local community.  Due to the location of the site at the entrance of the village, the Parish Council was keen to ensure that the properties were of a high quality design and the use of traditional facing and roofing materials, as well as house types of traditional proportions and local vernacular, was paramount to the acceptability of this scheme.  A scheme of eighteen houses was submitted and approved with little opposition.

The planning authority considered the site to be an "exceptions" site, where the scheme had to be predominantly affordable housing.  In the event, the scheme provides 50% affordable housing and 50% open market housing.  Our client also agreed to make a payment to the Parish Council towards improvements to the village hall.

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