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The Saltings

This site lies on the western side of the Hayle Estuary with wide views across the flats, which are home to a significant array of wildlife. Our client purchased this site containing an outdated bungalow, with the intention of developing the plot to provide additional dwellings.

The site sits between large, high density dwellings on one side and a large detached property on the other and it was important that any proposal did not impact on these properties. The site is also in a floodplain and the floor levels had to clear the potential flood water levels for a 1 in 200 year tidal flood. This affected the overall height of the buildings, their visual impact, and proportional relationship to the adjoining properties.

A number of design solutions were explored and detailed discussions were held with officers of the local planning authority, before an agreed solution was formally submitted. The design style chosen was contemporary, but with sloping roofs to reflect the predominant roof style in the area. Each property was orientated to face the estuary with the accommodation running from front to back in order to reduce the impact on the neighbouring properties.

Despite the Council officer recommending approval, planning was initially refused by the Planning Committee. However, permission was granted on Appeal.

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