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The Eyrie & The Look-Out

Laurence Associates was instructed to submit and negotiate an appeal for the provision of a car parking and turning space on a clifftop site in the Cornwall AONB. The appeal followed on from an application which was submitted by Laurence Associates along with a Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment.

Laurence Associates prepared an appeal statement for submission to the Planning Inspectorate covering the technical aspects of the planning application, planning policies and using the presumption in favour of sustainable development to make a robust case for the approval of the appeal. The grounds of appeal centred on the acceptability of the impact of the scheme on the receiving landscape, the fundamental need for the scheme and the suitability of mitigation planting to cover the structure.

An appeal site visit was undertaken and following the deliberation of the Inspector, the appeal was allowed with full costs awarded to the appellant. The Inspector considered that the proposal was acceptable and accorded with national planning policy and the AONB Management Plan, it was unreasonable of the Council to delay development that should otherwise have been permitted.

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