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Housing Development

Mawnan Smith

Laurence Associates were instructed to prepare an appeal statement and act as a representative at the appeal hearing for a housing appeal. The appeal scheme was for 42 houses in a village within the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and would also include 21 affordable homes. The planning application was refused by the Planning Committee despite an officer recommendation for approval.

Laurence Associates prepared two appeal statements for submission to the Planning Inspectorate covering the planning policy position and both the planning and landscape grounds of appeal. The planning statement covered the pre-application community consultation that led to the planning application, the ‘exceptional circumstances’ that made the scheme justifiable in planning terms within the AONB and the impact of the appeal proposal on the adjoining neighbours. The landscape statement dealt with the impact of the appeal scheme on the landscape and consider whether any other potentially suitable sites would accommodate the scheme with less impacts.

The appeal hearing was undertaken over a single day with Laurence Associates acting on behalf of and alongside the appellant and their other advisors. The appeal was ultimately allowed by the Inspector, with an acknowledgement that the appeal scheme was sustainable development and that the benefits of granting permission outweighed the limited harm.

This is another example of a complex appeal requiring an extensive knowledge of the planning policy context and working with constraints such as the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty designation.

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