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Four Flats Approved on Appeal ~ November

Laurence Associates has been successful in obtaining Planning permission at appeal for four flats in Falmouth.

Following refusal of an earlier scheme, Laurence Associates revised the proposals to narrow the concerns of the Planning Authority down to a single issue, the impact on the daylight of a single adjacent bedsit. Following refusal of the second application on this ground alone, Laurence Associates lodged an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate and set out a detailed case explaining the likely impacts and why the benefits of the scheme outweighed any perceived harm.

The Inspector agreed with our assessment and allowed the appeal, confirming that in replacing the dereliction of the former garages with new buildings of good design, the proposal would enhance the character and appearance of the Falmouth Conservation Area within which it is located, and provide four new homes at a location with good access to facilities and services.

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